What are the types of glaucoma?

Depending on the mechanism of glaucoma in general it can be classified as

Primary open angle glaucoma

In this condition the fine ‘drains’ of the eye (called trabecular meshwork) becomes blocked and the pressure inside the eye rises. This is the most common type of glaucoma.

Click here to download a leaflet on primary open angle glaucoma.

Primary angle closure glaucoma

In primary angle closure ‘door’ or the angle (space between the cornea and iris) is narrow or closed and leads to a rise in eye pressure. This can lead to an acute rise in pressure (acute attack of angle closure) or more commonly a slow build up of pressure. Although less common than primary open angle glaucoma, this is a more blinding type of glaucoma.

Click here to download a leaflet on primary angle closure/glaucoma

Secondary glaucoma

In secondary glaucoma the eye pressure increases due to other diseases of the eye e.g. uveitis (inflammation), trauma, previous eye surgery, diabetic retinopathy etc.

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Patient Feedback

I feel very confident that l am receiving the best care and advice from Mr. Goyal who has been looking after me since l was diagnosed with high ocular pressure 5 years ago. He is always extremely professional and patient when explaining treatment options and his calm manner is very reassuring. Mr. Goyal always responds promptly to emails when l have any concerns and genuinely cares for his patients. He was recommended to me as one of the best glaucoma consultants and l feel very fortunate to be under his care.
September 27, 2019 8:20:36 PM, Ms J B, Kent
I have been receiving care from Mr Goyal for over 5 years and have had cataract surgery and treatment and management for glaucoma. Throughout this time he has always fully explained my treatment options and has been available to answer any questions. I know my future care and treatment in in good hands
September 27, 2019 12:00:17 PM, Mrs J W, Kent
For nearly the last two years I have been treated by Mr. Goyal for an aggressive type of glaucoma, and he is committed to doing everything he can to help my sight, taking a personal interest in the case. He is always punctual and attentive and makes sure I understand what we have been discussing. He carries out his procedures in a very professional but caring manner.
September 27, 2019 10:50:14 AM, Mrs M S, Kent
Mr Goyal’s expertise in Glaucoma treatment and the manner of delivery of his services is second to none.
October 06, 2019 10:09:19 AM, Mr IND, Bexley, Kent
I was very satisfied throughout with Mr Goyal’s clear explanations, patience, calm and reassuring approach during my procedure and with the outcome. Blind in my left eye – and a glaucoma sufferer – it was hugely important to me that my right eye functioned as well as was possible for a 83 year old. As a result, DVLA have sanctioned a 3-year driving licence in place of the previous annual renewal application … Excellent!!
October 05, 2019 2:49:55 PM, Mr BHG, Sevenoaks, Kent

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