Patient Reviews before 2019

He is always very caring & takes into consideration your personal circumstances, suggesting treatment that will fit in with your life e.g. If you have young children etc.
Mrs DR, (withheld), 28/10/2016 7:28:04 AM
I have had 1st class treatment from Mr. Goyal. He always explains everything in great detail and in a way I can understand. He is always willing to talk to you about any worries you may have and never rushes you. I find him to be a very kind and caring man and a wonderful surgeon.
Mrs R W, Kent, 03/10/2016 8:14:00 PM
Professional and sympathetic
Mrs T M, Kent, 03/10/2016 3:18:42 PM
Caring, efficient service.
Mr D H, Kent, 03/10/2016 9:51:03 AM
Listening and informative great care.
Mr S L on behalf of Mr E L, Grenada, 02/10/2016 4:53:57 PM
Very professional personalised expert
Mrs P M, Kent, 02/10/2016 10:15:42 AM
Mr Goyal is an excellent Consultant and Surgeon. I recommend him unreservedly.
Mr R N, London, 01/10/2016 1:29:31 PM
My Goyal explained my eye condition – pigment dispersion syndrome, in great detail using diagrams. After a very thorough check, he offered me preventative treatment which was carried out quickly and efficiently. When I attended St Thomas for treatment, he made a point of greeting both myself and my partner which adds a personal touch to the whole experience. I would definitely recommend Mr Goyal to other people with eye conditions.
Mrs T H, Kent, 01/10/2016 9:59:34 AM
My first consultation confirmed one condition and quickly identified a second both of which have been successfully treated.
Mr R L, Kent, 01/10/2016 9:12:38 AM
I was very pleased with the treatment I received from Mr Goyal. He explained every detail very clearly and made me feel very at ease throughout each stage of treatment. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you.
Mr A B, Ascot, 29/09/2016 4:15:10 PM
Really professional experience. I felt completely at ease and assured that he knew what he was doing.
Withheld, London, 29/09/2016 1:51:17 PM
I could not ask for more.
He takes great care of his patients and is very knowledgeable. I am so glad to be under his care.
Dr W B, London, 29/09/2016 11:44:48 AM
My care with Mr Goyal in my opinion was second to none.
Mr D W, Kent, 29/09/2016 10:12:56 AM
I have undergone eye surgery on 24 May 2016 and the care & services provided by him is beyond comparison.
Mr A K, India, 29/09/2016 8:39:24 AM
Mr A.W. Bexley was very pleased with the care, patience & skill demonstrated by Mr Goyal & his team during a recent eye operation
Mr A W, Kent, 29/09/2016 8:15:52 AM
Mr Goyal has a caring approach and not only carried out a thorough examination but took the extra step to discuss and explain my condition in full and provided links to further reading material. This increased my awareness of future risks but allayed any current concerns or worries.
Mr N B, Kent, 29/09/2016 7:49:49 AM
I have every confidence in Mr. Goyal. He has provided me with excellent care whilst giving sympathetic attention to my concerns and understanding of the surgical procedure involved. My post operative treatment has also been exceptional, highly responsible and conscientious.
Mrs S E, Surrey, 16/09/2016 2:27:46 PM
Mr Goyal communicated very well in simple language to explain the procedure before and after. Enough time and information was provided verbally and by giving leaflets before and after procedure to avoid anxiety. Getting my wife involved in my care by communicating verbally to her before and after procedure reduced anxiety.

During my cataract surgery, I was awake throughout and I felt very comfortable without any stress and the procedure was successful.

Checking the patient post op and giving re-assurance to both the patient and his wife.

Mr Goyal also made sure that a follow up appointment in the clinic was done to check the patient properly before discharging making sure that the patient care was given adequately.

Before the cataract surgery, Mr Goyal was very organised as there was good communication between me, Mr Goyal and my private medical insurance company for me to have my cataract surgery done.

Mr P D, Essex, 16/09/2016 9:37:05 AM
When I see Mr Goyal I feel confident that I am receiving the very best of care and treatment. I cannot recommend him highly enough and hope to be able to always remain under his care for my eye monitoring and treatment. He takes time to listen carefully to my concerns and explains all findings and treatment options clearly.
Mr B H, Kent, 15/09/2016 6:45:41 PM
Mr. Goyal was polite, professional and prompt.
I am more than satisfied with the treatment I received.
Mrs G S, Kent, 15/09/2016 9:59:41 AM
Mr Goyal has patient care as a top priority stating with putting them at ease by explaining the procedures and there implications. Post operative he checks to make sure his patient is comfortable and in no distress.
Mrs R F, Kent, 15/09/2016 9:43:14 AM
Very happy with the treatment provided by Mr Goyal. As someone who does not like having things near my eyes, Mr Goyal made me feel relaxed throughout the whole procedure.
Ms. S W, Kent, 15/09/2016 7:41:31 AM
I was treated for narrow angles. I received exemplary care.
Mrs. A S, London, 14/09/2016 9:31:49 PM
I found my visit to Mr Goyal extremely thorough and professional. I have been suffering for a long while, but was pleased to know about the actual time and care taken to ensure I was given a correct diagnosis of my eye complaint.
Mr. S L, Kent, 14/09/2016 9:08:59 PM
Dr Goyal was very professional yet caring. You feel very safe in his hands. He explained everything that would happen very thoroughly and installed me with confidence in his ability. I am very pleased with the outcome.
Mr. M B, London, 14/09/2016 7:22:48 PM
I found Mr Goyal to be a ‘listener’ and was keen to know my concerns over the diagnosis and treatment. I also appreciated receiving a follow up email after my first appointment.
Mrs. L V D B, Kent, 09/03/2016 12:39:01 PM
Mr Goyal was very clear and easy to understand, relaying all information in an accessible form.
Ms. M A S, London, 02/03/2016 1:25:12 PM
First and foremost Mr Goyal “listened”! Mr Goyal was kind and caring and answered specific questions clearly. He also explained exactly regarding his proposed treatment and areas of self-help.
Mrs. L C, Kent, 28/02/2016 9:44:51 AM
Very happy with my surgery the pains have gone sight much better.
Mrs I H A, Nigeria/USA, 30/01/2016 3:04:21 PM
Mr Goyal was patient with me and happy to take the time to explain my condition to me. For every consultation he was on time and professional. I ended up having four laser eye procedures which appear to have been successful and I am very happy with the operations and how I was treated. He was able to help me feel reassured about something that scared me and gave me the information I needed to understand the options I had and for me to regain some control over my condition and a better understanding of it.
Ms. S M S, London, 10/01/2016 7:09:53 PM
I recently had two cataracts removed and was fitted with trifocal lenses in my eyes. The procedure was painless and only very slightly uncomfortable. Mr. Goyal explained that these lenses, which were not available under the NHS, would hopefully mean that I would not need glasses except possibly in poor light. This is indeed the case. The only slight disadvantage is a very occasional visible ring of light in one eye. This is easily avoided by moving my head slightly. It was well worth the money involved and the advice I was given by Mr. Goyal and his skill were excellent.
Mrs. W C, Kent, 10/12/2015 2:21:28 PM
I am very satisfied with my operation and the care provided at the hospital and after care.
Dr. L K B, London, 30/11/2015 10:15:14 PM
I found Mr. Goyal very reassuring and professional.
Mrs. L S, Kent, 30/11/2015 10:50:28 PM
Mr Goyal explains everything very carefully which is so important as any problems with your eyes is always scary, making it much less stressful
Mrs. P D, London, 29/11/2015 10:15:37 PM
Mr Goyal is always very pleasant and kind. I would thoroughly recommend him and have every confidence in him.
Mrs. J Y, Kent, 29/11/2015 08:10:38 PM
Dr. Goyal made my son very comfortable and took very good care during the tests when my son had a trauma in his eye. We felt in safe hands in the expert care of Dr. Goyal.
Mrs. M D, Middlesex, 29/11/2015 05:48:41 PM
Mr Goyal has a very good bedside manner and makes patients feel very relaxed,
Mr. D C, Kent, 21/11/2015 09:13:44 PM
He was so kind and gentle and very capable
Mrs. G J, Kent, 14/11/2015 3:47:44 PM
First class service
Mr. C F, Kent, 01/11/2015 10:21:48 AM
After a series of eye test, my mum was advised that she’s having a temporary double vision and it’s a self-curing condition. The diagnosis was spot on as my mum’s double vision went away completely after 3 months.
on behalf of Mrs. S S, China/London, 01/11/2015 7:22:34 AM
I have glaucoma in both eyes, and I was extremely short sighted. I had two operations on my right eye. Mr. Goyal saved the remaining sight in my right eye I had tube procedure and laser treatment. Also cataract was removed in January 2015. The sight in my left eye has been saved and the glaucoma is now under control. Mr. Goyal performed cataract surgery on this eye in October 2015 and I am recovering well with only minor discomfort in the few days after the operation. I have every confidence in Mr. Goyal and I would be most happy to recommend him.
Mr. R D H, Kent, 31/10/2015 3:26:24 PM
Mr. Goyal is very patient and caring in his approach, and never gives the impression that he is pressed for time. He is explains everything he is doing very well.
Mrs. B C, Kent, 31/10/2015 3:01:09 PM
Not only very professional but Mr. Goyal took time to explain my medical problem.
Mr. R T, Kent, 31/10/2015 12:43:12 PM
Both my wife and I have found Mr. Goyal very kind, considerate, helpful and very professional every time we consulted him both privately and as NHS patients. My wife had her cataract operation performed by Mr. Goyal and is very satisfied. When my Optician recently gave an alarming report on drusen in one of my eyes, I consulted Mr. Goyal who after tests reassured me that it was not so. I am due to have my own cataract operation to be performed by Mr. Goyal. We both rate him highly and are very satisfied.
Mr. S T, Kent., 28/10/2015 7:58:12 AM
I’ve been many years under the care of Doctor Goyal when he was eye consultant in Queen Mary’s Hospital and till now, I am under his care in St Thomas’ Hospital eye department. I get successful glaucoma and cataract surgery in left eye with his care, thank God my eye situation improved. He always gave to me good advice, clear explanation and right treatment, Mr Goyal is very patient and kind person, I am happy about him.
Mr. A S, Somalia/London, 21/10/2015 1:41:17 PM
On time, very patient.
Ms. H S, London, 21/10/2015 10:02:36 AM
My diagnosis was quick and the prognosis fully explained before any treatment was given. This made the whole experience far easier than it could have been. I would definitely recommend Mr Goyal to other patients.
Mr. M M, London, 20/10/2015 8:58:46 PM
I was extremely satisfied with Mr Goyal’s prompt examinations and diagnosis and I think he has an excellent manner and approach towards his patient. He is extremely professional and gives a thorough examination giving the patient considerable time and attention to their problem with excellent follow-up treatment as well as care.
Mrs. S T, London, 14/10/2015 4:59:14 PM
Mr Goyal’s service was very quick & efficient. This applied also to his secretary & nursing staff. He leads a good team.
Mr. D C, Kent., 13/10/2015 10:19:08 AM
It’s always a pleasure to see Mr Goyal, he’s very professional and you always feel safe in his company.
(withheld), London., 13/10/2015 7:57:37 AM
Mr. Goyal went out of his way to ensure he solved a problem I was having with my Bupa cover, which was above and beyond his duties. He was also extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly in my sessions with him, so I felt completely at ease and reassured.
Mr. R A, Kent, 12/10/2015 9:01:11 PM
Mr Goyal delivered exactly what he said, in the time scales he defined. The treatment was prompt and successful. The after care was good.
Mr. M T, London, 12/10/2015 2:52:17 PM
From my first appointment I became very confident that I was in good hands. Mr Goyal carried out a thorough examination and carefully explained to me what was wrong and his planned action to put matters right. My follow up visits have been equally reassuring and I am very pleased with the results of his treatment.
Mrs. V Z, London, 12/10/2015 2:27:33 PM
I found that Mr Goyal has an excellent approach when it comes to explaining whatever procedures he intends to perform and puts one completely at ease, thereby reducing any anxieties one has. He is an excellent and very competent surgeon and exercises great empathy with his patients.
(withheld) London/Jamaica, 12/10/2015 1:11:20 PM
Mr Goyal took time to explain the impact of my eye condition, and possible ways to minimise further deterioration. Caring always show empathy. His expertise shows in all intervention at all times. This was also evident during consultation with my relative who has the same eye condition. Mr Goyal was able to make her feel at ease thereby being open about her eye condition.
Mrs. C O, London/Nigeria, 11/10/2015 11:42:53 PM
I appreciate Mr. Goyal’s courtesy and professionalism. I am delighted with the treatment I have received.
Mrs. A S, London., 11/10/2015 6:08:05 PM
Every time I have seen Mr Goyal he has been extremely attentive and has answered all my questions patiently and I don’t ever feel like I am being rushed.
Ms. S S, Kent., 11/10/2015 11:36:39 AM
Mr. Goyal is well experienced and he provides detailed explanation resulting in self-confidence to the patient.
Mr. AK on behalf of Mrs. R K, Nigeria/India, 06/10/2015 12:17:17 PM
Mr. Goyal is a good listener, accepts a challenge, honest, gentle and very able.
Mrs. M S, London, 03/10/2015 8:36:32 AM
I was immediately put at ease by Mr. Goyal at my initial consultation. My diagnosis of early stage glaucoma was promptly followed up by relevant medication together with factual literature about the condition and how it is treated.
Mr. J C, London, 02/10/2015 2:07:40 PM
Mr Goyal has given me excellent care, I would not hesitate to recommend him. He is highly qualified and a true professional.
Mrs. C D, Kent, 01/10/2015 8:15:56 PM
Very happy with the fact that when issues arise I can always get an appointment promptly. I also feel that Mr Goyal is most conscientious in monitoring progress post procedures.
Mrs. N W, London, 01/10/2015 12:44:13 PM
I found Mr Goyal an excellent doctor. He gave me a thorough examination and fortunately there was no major eye problem as one of the tests picked up an abnormality.
Mr. S G R, Kent, 01/10/2015 7:25:10 AM
Mr. Goyal has shown considerable care and interest in my worsening eyesight. Mr Goyal demonstrated the best of specialist care and bought my eyesight back to a very acceptable level. My gratitude knows no bounds.
Mr. P W, Kent, 30/09/2015 10:19:22 PM
Simply superb. Extremely Polite . Wonderful manner. Very knowledgeable Glad he is my Consultant
Dr. W B, Kent., 30/09/2015 9:13:48 PM
on behalf of Mr. R Q, Nigeria., 30/09/2015 8:00:25 PM
Mr Goyal provided an excellent professional service, and was friendly and relaxed throughout my examination & diagnosis.
Mr. J M, Kent, 30/09/2015 6:15:16 PM
I find in Mr. Goyal a doctor who takes the care of his patients very seriously. He is detailed about the information he provides and takes his time with examinations to ensure all areas are covered off with his patients.
Mr. A I, Kent, 30/09/2015 5:52:24 PM
Mr Goyal gave me excellent service and was helpful in dealing with my problem.
Mrs. G H, London, 30/09/2015 5:49:30 PM
I have been under Mr Goyal’s care now for several years and have had a number of operations performed by him for a serious eye condition. I could not be in better hands. Mr Goyal is caring, calm, professional and kind. He explains procedures and options fully and encourages questions. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.
Mr. M W, London/Kent, 30/09/2015 5:33:29 PM
Mr Goyal has a very friendly manner and an ability to explain a diagnosis and the reason for the treatment that is needed. He has a confident approach which in turn leads the patient to feel confident that he is receiving the best and most appropriate treatment.
Dr. R P, London, 30/09/2015 5:27:48 PM
The treatment I have experience with Mr Goyal was excellent with Mr Goyal being very efficient.
Mr. J P, Kent, 30/09/2015 5:27:25 PM
Mr Goyal explained fully the options available to me to deal with my condition as a result of which I opted for cataract surgery carried out under local anaesthetic. The procedure was painless and the aftercare excellent. My vision is now much improved.
Mr. D T, Kent, 30/09/2015 5:19:11 PM
I found Mr Goyal to be extremely professional and he kept me fully updated on my condition and treatment. He has an excellent doctor /patient manner which makes you feel relaxed and well taken care of during each appointment or treatment session.
Mr. M R, London, 30/09/2015 4:58:53 PM
Highly professional, sweet and polite with excellent bed side manners.
Dr. B S, Kent, 30/09/2015 4:47:38 PM
Mr Goyal is not only a highly skilled surgeon in his field but the important aftercare he offers is second to none.
Mr. A N, London/Kent, 30/09/2015 4:41:12 PM
I came away feeling reassured and in good hands should anything further need doing.
Mrs. B C, Kent., 30/09/2015 4:38:01 PM
I have seen many different NHS consultants regarding my glaucoma over the years, and Mr Goyal exceeds all of them by his care, in depth knowledge and abilities. Mr M.J.H., Kent
Mr. M J H, Kent, 30/09/2015 4:17:16 PM
Thank you for seeing my Mother and giving her the best care & advice. Would definitely recommend you to others.
Mrs. N D on behalf of Mrs. L M, London, 30/09/2015 3:23:54 PM
A very personalised service, where Mr Goyal had my wellbeing as his main concern. The level of service was excellent.
Mr. B S, Kent, 30/09/2015 3:29:16 PM
I found that Mr Goyal looked after me through the entire process. With the advice and treatment given I have made a complete recovery and had no recurring issues
Mr. P J W, London, 30/09/2015 3:56:56 PM
I went into see Mr Goyal with a torn cornea. he was very caring about the diagnosis and what I need to help resolve the issue. he made time for follow up visits and was very concerned about my progress.. he is a great.. the best. very satisfied with the care the I received from Mr. Goyal.
Mr. J S, London, 30/09/2015 4:00:21 PM
Excellent and professional service with everything conducted in a friendly and helpful way.
Mr. D W, Kent, 17/11/2014 4:04:41 PM
Mr Goyal has a very caring and professional manner which inspires trust and confidence. As a patient I found him very approachable and he responded very quickly and efficiently to my concerns. I would highly recommend him.
Mrs. J B, Kent, 15/11/2014 2:42:24 PM
Mr Goyal demonstrates high order competence in his work. Also, he makes all effort to explain what’s involved suggesting a genuine concern for his patients well being.
Mr. I D, London/Kent, 23/10/2014 10:41:21 AM
I have always experienced professional and caring treatment with Mr Goyal when he has treated my father and would have no hesitation in recommending him to family and friends.
Mr. R T on behalf of Mr. S T, Kent, 19/10/2014 11:54:50 AM
Mr Goyal was quick to recognise my anxiety and kept me informed at all stages.
Mr. D W, Kent, 19/10/2014 9:10:18 AM
Mr Goyal is kind, helpful and nothing is too much trouble. He regularly contacted me after an operation to ensure that I had no pain and was comfortable and was very reassuring and patient.
Mrs. V VD, London/Kent, 08/10/2014 11:07:59 AM
Every aspect of my treatment was excellent .Mr Goyal and his staff give the patient a sense of confidence at all times.
Mr. A R, London, 07/10/2014 5:44:08 PM
I felt very confident in Mr. Goyal’s diagnosis and explanation of my condition, and was very impressed by the professionalism with which the procedure was handled. Thank you.
Mr. A N, London, 06/10/2014 9:41:20 PM
Dr. Goyal is soft spoken and very caring. He recommended appropriate treatment. I am very satisfied and would recommend to my friends & family.
Mrs. R G, London, 06/10/2014 12:04:08 PM
Very pleased with the diagnosis, the treatment and the follow up – everything was clearly explained and carried out expertly.
Mr. D B, London, 06/10/2014 9:35:13 AM
Mr Goyal gives an excellent service with personal touch that is specific to individuals. He fixes appointments that will accommodate the very busy schedule of his patients. He is highly experienced and provides a professional service that is second to none. I will always recommend his services to anyone that desires to patronize a reputable eye surgeon.
Mr. O O, Japan/London, 05/10/2014 11:15:55 PM
Mr Goyal gave a thorough explanation of procedures before he examined me. He followed the examination by showing me his research on what I had consulted him about. He gave a very clear explanation and at no time did I feel rushed. I was reassured by my consultation with Mr Goyal.
Mrs. D P, London., 05/10/2014 2:31:28 PM
We received excellent personalised service on the day followed by detailed report fairly quickly. It is always comforting to receive personal care when you have health issues. Happy to recommend Mr Goyal to friends or family with eye related issues.
Mr. R L P, Dar e salaam, Tanzania, 04/10/2014 8:40:08 PM
Mr. Goyal has been friendly. He makes me feel at ease and comfortable. We talk like old friends and I go home feeling very happy.
Mrs. B A, Nigeria., 18/09/2014
Extremely thorough and communicative
Mr. B T, London/Kent, 26/03/2014 8:40:58 AM
No problem.
Mr. J K, London, 17/03/2014 10:19:03 AM
I felt fortunate to have been recommended to see Mr Goyal because his involvement in the research side of his work meant that I benefitted from the very latest treatment of my condition.
Mrs. J G, Kent., 17/03/2014 2:17:25 PM
Mr Goyal came highly recommended by my optician and I am pleased that Mr Goyal was willing to treat me despite the insurance issues I experienced. Mr Goyal was extremely professional, listened carefully to my symptoms and paid particular attention to my previous medical history. I felt very reassured throughout the consultation, and he gave clear information about what turned out to be nothing serious, thankfully!
Mrs. M A, Kent., 17/03/2014 7:25:18 PM
Mr Goyal knows his subject and is passionate about it. Not only does Mr Goyal care for the patient’s eyes, he also cares about the patient, how they are feeling, whether they understand, etc.
Mr. R D, London/kent, 15/03/2014 10:55:43 AM
After attending XXXX hospital for many years and having various tests and checks at other London eye hospitals, I was recommended by my old consultant to Mr Goyal. My first appointment was at Blackheath Hospital, for primary angle closure in both eyes. He carried out various tests and checks which took over three hours and gave me access to all of the technical information for my condition and a detailed resolve with various procedures and all possible risks. My first operation took place in November 2013 and the second in March 2014 for clear lens extraction and (Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation) laser treatment. Following the operations, follow up tests were carried out to keep my pressures under control and are now reduced to low levels <15mmHg, which should reduce any further damage to my eyes. At all times during this time he was very reassuring and was available by telephone and email. He always gave me the time I needed. I feel very lucky to have met him, as my condition is now under control; my only wish is that I should have met him years ago. He is now my eye consultant for annual review of my condition. I am now in very safe hands. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr. Goyal to any of my family and friends.
Mr. P H, London/kent, 15/03/2014 7:07:38 PM
Mr. Goyal made me realise the importance of taking my eye drops more regularly by going into detail about the damage I’m doing to my eye not taking them.
Mr. I M, Kent, 12/02/2014 10:24:07 PM
Naturally anxiously and concerned facing eye surgery Mr. Goyal explained my condition and the upcoming treatment clearly and patiently. The detail and care shown in all his treatment has been exceptional and I am very grateful for his efforts.
Mr. P H, Surrey/London, 12/02/2014 9:51:47 AM
Mr Goyal was highly recommended by my optician. He explained everything about understanding glaucoma in a simple way and was always extremely kind and patient.
Mrs. M L, Kent, 12/02/2014 4:46:42 PM
Dr. Goyal has been very kind in helping me and identifying the exact status of the condition of my eye. With his immense knowledge and experience, he was able to guide & perform me through the improvement plans related to my vision and eye sight, which has improved the condition of my eye impressively. Looking forward to his continued guidance on the same. Best Regards, Prof. G R Prasad Singh
Prof. G R P S, India, 17/01/2014 3:15:07 PM
I am 100% happy with the care I received and the way he explained everything clearly regarding my condition and the treatment.
(withheld), 20/12/2013 1:42:59 PM
He’s great
Mrs. R L , Kent, 06/12/2013 12:28:30 PM
I had cataract surgery to both eyes. I also had upgraded trifocal lenses in both eyes. I am very happy as the cataract symptoms have now gone and I do not need glasses at all. I sit at a computer 90% of my working day. Before the surgery I could not see the screen without glasses and now I do not need them at all.
Ms S S, London, 12/11/2013 9:07 PM
I felt confident that I was in good hands.
Ms. S P, Antigua/London, 28/11/2013 20:38
Very professional and personable.
Mr. I A, London, 18/11/2013 10:55
Exudes calm and competence and you know you are in safe hands.
Mr. J L, Kent., 13/11/2013 18:52
I would like to thank you very much for giving me my clear vision back and the kind and gentle manner in which you treated me. Mr. GOYAL IS A VERY CARING GENTLEMAN ALSO IN AFTERCARE.
Mrs. J R, Kent., 24/10/2013, 1.10pm
Mr Goyal is an extremely caring and dedicated eye surgeon. I was extremely worried about having the procedures done, but with Mr Goyal’s re-assurance and explanation of the whole procedure my worries were completely unfounded.
Mrs. C E, Kent. , 4/09/2013 8.55am
From the first telephone call to Mr Goyal’s clinic to the last consultation my Father received first class treatment. Mr Goyal treated my Father as if he was his own, he is a top class consultant who cares about his patients. He fully discussed the treatment he recommended for my Father with all of the family. Being able to contact Mr Goyal via email at any time made the whole experience less stressful then it could have been. I feel that you can be a highly qualified consultant but if you do not care about your patient as a person all the qualifications mean nothing, Mr Goyal cares.
on behalf of Mr. C G, Kent. , 2/9/2013 7:42
Being basically blind in one eye, I was surprised when Mr Goyal took time to explain my condition and examine this eye – it has been ‘ignored’ for years by others as a lost cause. My wife is also a patient with Mr goyal and has nothing but praise for the care and attention provided.
Mr. J J, Kent. , 27/8/2013 9:33
While I am currently a private patient, I originally saw Mr Goyal through my local NHS hospital. The care and support was identical in both instances, just no waiting time going private. My husband is now also a patient with Mr Goyal and receives the same excellent care. We both highly recommend.
Mrs. J J, Kent. , 24/8/2013 9:37
Mr. Goyal provided exemplary consulting service with a friendly and caring demeanor. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking quality ophthalmic care.
Dr. R W, Redhill. , 16/8/2013 12:27
Very good.
Mr. DD, Kent. , 10/7/2013 8:35
I have found Mr Goyal very pleasant and informative, certainly one of the best consultants i have seen.
Mr. RS, Kent., 9/7/2013 21:28
have absolutely no complains. I was made extremely comfortable, was explained in minute details procedures and reasons thereof and was promptly provided with the results and recommendation for future eye care.
Mr. ST, London/India., 9/7/2013 18:09
It has been a pleasure having my eyes examined by Mr Goyal, very patient, very professional. Thank you.
Mr. M M, London. , 28/5/2013 9:10
I am writing to thank you for the care and attention you afforded me recently to remedy the cataracts in both eyes and the astigmatism in my right eye. Throughout you explained clearly your thoughts and proposals for my treatment and set clear expectations about the outcome from the two operations. The expectations you set for long distance and short sight distance have not only been met but been exceeded. I am delighted with the outcome. The two operations were painless and I would recommend anyone who has to undergo such treatment not to be concerned. At all times you provided excellent patient care. As you know I am engaged in the IT industry and in my view the two most important facets to success is the technical solution provided and working closely with my clients. Clearly you have immense technical knowledge and in addition managed to make me feel at ease, comfortable and consequently I gained complete confidence with you. I have been wearing glasses and / or contact lenses for over 50 years and to be able see normally without either is a fantastic feeling. Mr Goyal thank you again for the excellent care you provided to me. If ever the opportunity arises I would be happy to recommend you.
Mr. D B, Kent. , 18/5/2013 10:47
Mr Goyal is an extremely caring and dedicated eye surgeon.
Mrs. C E, Kent , 15/04/2013 10:39 AM
I suffered from primary angle closure in both eyes and was treated by Mr. Goyal. He performed clear lens extraction/replacement in both of my eyes to help prevent the risk of glaucoma. Mr. Goyal is clearly an acknowledged expert in this field and in the many dealings that I have had with him, he has always impressed me. I found him to be very approachable and he was always happy to take the time necessary to explain to me, with the appropriate level of detail, the options that were available to me and the risks that were associated with each. I was naturally concerned about the operations but I was always reassured by Mr. Goyal’s knowledge, experience, approach and attention. Mr. Goyal made himself available to me via email and telephone before and after the operations, responding to any concerns or questions I had – this provided me with a great deal of comfort. The actual operations were executed perfectly by Mr. Goyal, during which he kept me informed throughout telling me what he was doing or what he was about to do. As an added bonus, with the aid of a special lens manufactured to my personal prescription, Mr. Goyal has also been able to counteract the effects of the severe astigmatism that previously affected one of my eyes. I have had no problems since the operations and I am very happy with the outcome. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr. Goyal to any of my friends and family. Thank you Mr. Goyal for my “new eyes”.
Mr. MM (Rochester, Kent) , 7/04/2013 10:32 AM
I recently underwent surgery for a cataract in my R eye following a very frightening experience where I had developed complete loss of vision in my R eye over a period of 2 hours. Mr Goyal provided not only incredible expertise but kindness and a sense of humour throughout,I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Mrs K.C, London. , 17/3/2013 19:19
Mr Goyal provided clear and reassuring information about my eye condition at each visit. He followed up each consultation with further printed information or web site material e mailed to me and responded directly by e mail to any further queries that I might have. Letters regarding each consultation were sent to me, my GP and my referring Optometrist within a few days and he gave me the confidence at all times to manage my own condition.
Mrs. J W- Kent. , 17/3/2013 17:20
Excellent care. Very respectful. Good feedback and very clear about what was happening to my eyes.
Mrs. J T- London. , 17/3/2013 9:32
He discussed my care and options in detail and answered any questions even phoning during the evening.
Mrs. P C-Kent. , 15/3/2013 22:05
After many years of seeking advice on my eye problems finally I have a clear diagnosis which means I can now treat my condition and keep flare ups thankfully to a minimum and treat straight away now I know the problem.Mr Goyal also has an excellent bedside manner. Mrs D Jones
Mrs. D J- Kent , 15/3/2013 11:13
Very Informative.
Ms. H S- London, 14/3/2013 21:01
While a leading expert in his field, Mr. Goyal always treats me as an equal. Having him for my ophthalmologist is like having a trusted friend. He takes detailed notes during examinations, explains things clearly, and outlines both short-term and long-term care considerations. Having seen opthalmologists for more than 40 years now, I can truthfully say that his warmth and concern make him unique in the profession.
Ms. V H-London, 14/3/2013 16:27
Mr Goyal is well mannered, polite and professionally sound gentleman.
Dr. B S-Kent, 14/3/2013 12:32
Mr Goyal was clear and informative, and made sure that I was aware of all of my options throughout. I felt confident that his diagnosis was on the basis of thorough investigation, which was very reassuring.
Mr. D M-London, 14/3/2013 6:35
‘I returned from holiday with a serious eye condition; fearful of losing my sight. Naturally I was apprehensive and feared the worst. From the first consultation, the level of care was ‘Outstanding’ and this continued throughout my treatment. Knowledgeable, reassuring and professional.’ Thank you.
Mr. J D-London, 28/2/2013 12:27
I was very concerned that I had eye problems because any treatment to do with sight is so sensitive. Fortunately I have a very good medical insurance plan that meant that I could seek the best medical advice available to me. Mr. Goyal fully exceeded my expectations and provided me with excellent treatment and, more important, comforting advice before the procedures were done. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing treatment in his speciality.
Mr. J C- London/Italy, 3/2/2013 12:51
Mr Goyal has a calming and very positive effect on patients making a patient feel very confident to undergo surgery.
Mrs. A N, London, 2/2/2013 8:59
I was followed up the next day post operation and given emergency contact phone number just in case.
Dr. S C-Kent, 2/2/2013 7:16
Mr Goyal was informative and caring and very skilled. I have had no further problems with my eye since and the written information that he provided was easy to follow – both pre and post operative. The aftercare that he gave was ideal.
Mrs. K W- Sevenoaks, 1/1/2013 16:23
Dear Doctor Saurabh, I wanted to offer you my most sincere gratitude for looking after me so well, for a smooth procedure and for the care over the past few weeks. I know this may be routine for you but as you can imagine it was a first for me… Thank you for making it as pleasant as a surgery can be.
Mrs. R L- London, 19/12/2012 1:14
It was a pleasure to be treated by Mr. Goyal. I was completely relaxed throughout both of my cataract operations performed by him. All went well and true to his word he telephoned me the next morning the ensure that all was well.
Mrs. M K- London, 17/12/2012 18:00
Patient, courteous, thorough.
Mr. H W-London, 5/12/2012 13:56
He was always very swift at replying to emails if I had a problem. This was extremely helpful.
Mrs. D R- Kent, 3/12/2012 12:06
Mr Goyal is patient and does not mind explaining everything several times to me!
Mrs. C F- Kent, 30/11/2012 16:49
Mr Goyal provided wonderful care in a calm, reassuring manner that helped enormously with my path to recovery.
Mr. P W- Kent, 28/11/2012 12:15
During my last appointment Mr Goyal explained in detail the problem with my eyes. I left understanding my treatment fully.
Mr. JL -Orpington, 28/11/2012 10:01
I had suffered some anxiety and stress, had also struggled to find the right guidance for both the problems with my eyes, but also with what to do next. Mr G not only helped with my condition, but gave some really good advice on manging the issues going forward.
Mr. R L- London, 27/11/2012 13:47
Very caring and patient with my elderly father. Listens well. Excellent follow up.
Mrs. J M- USA, 26/11/2012 17:26
I have had various treatments over recent months in both eyes involving surgery and I can’t praise Mr Goyal’s ablities highly enough and his after care is second to none.His approach to a condition gives the patient a great deal of confidence and personnaly I have great faith in the treatment he is providing which is ongoing.
Mr. B F-Kent, 26/11/2012 14:07
Saurabh Goyal is a charming man and an excellent surgeon who exudes quiet confidence in his undoubted abilities. When he successfully carried out bilateral laser iridotomy on my eyes I decided that he was the only surgeon I would choose to perform my cataract surgery. His attention to detail throughout has been meticulous and nothing has been too much trouble for him on my behalf. He is, in short, an immense credit to his Profession.T.D.Ireland B.Sc.,C.Eng.,F.I.Mech.E.
Kent, 26/11/2012 12:31
Understanding and improving a patients care is a key component to successfully delivering high-quality services. I am very happy to undertake my treatment under Dr. Goyal’s guidance and expertise.
Mr. M G- London, 26/11/2012 10:32
Very thorough and helpful service. Mr Goyal was clear in explaining the condition identified and the treatment/approach taken. A pleasant and caring manner was experienced throughout my treatment.
Mr. N S- Kent, 26/11/2012 8:12
Always courteous/helpful and respectful of patient wishes.
Dr. N F-London, 25/11/2012 19:13
Since being reffered to Mr Goyal I have experienced great care, everything is always fully explained with regard to any treatment.
Mr. J M-kent, 25/11/2012 16:27
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